Bath and Massage 60 minutes

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60 minute bath and massage. In other words: a session of two hours in total. Time for yourself. Your eyes closed. Your body floating in the warm pool. Do you hear that? Exactly, only exotic music from other countries, from other time. And nothing more. Open your eyes now. Do you see? Candle light, timid lights, hints, who do not want to break this spell.

Welcome, welcome to Hammam Andalusi. This is just the beginning.

The circuit of contrasts has a hot pool and a cold one as well. We recommend you to follow it to relax even more. Follow these small guidelines:

  1. Use the warm pool after the warm one. It makes your muscles relax and your pores are cleaned.
  2. Go to the cold pool at last. It will increase your mood, your heart rate and it will shine your skin.
  3. Walk the circuit as many times as you feel like. As the body asks for it. Above all, we recommend that you alternate between cold and hot pool for more benefit.

You go to the rest room and you have a mint tea, prepared with love in the Moroccan way to hydrate a little. You hear your name and we guide you to the massage room. It is then, in that magical place, that you will notice hands that wrap and relax your musculature. One hour to walk your body in detail, to relax your tensions.

This is what is going to happen if you come for a bath with a 60-minute relaxing massage. Two hours to renew and start again with strength.

We support the sensations in facts, so here you have a small list of the benefits that relaxing massages have on your health:

  1. It helps with blood circulation.
  2. Improves the circulation of the lymphatic system.
  3. Improves the absorption of nutrients in the muscles.
  4. It facilitates the dissolving of fat deposits.
  5. Removes dead skin from the surface.
  6. Increase metabolism.
  7. It enhances sleep quality.
  8. Reduce stress.
  9. Reduces depression and anxiety.
  10. Improve mental activity.  

So much to enjoy it as to give it away, it is an extraordinary experience, exclusive, of those that are not forgotten. If you want to purchase this service, in the online shopping process you can write the name of the person you want the voucher to go to and a dedication (if it is a gift). We will send you your Gift Voucher in a pdf format where you will find all the necessary information. It is valid for one year from the moment you buy it, so that you can come when you need it the most.

The 60 minute massage bath is very close to you, in the Arab Baths of Jerez Hammam Andalusi.