Maybe you know that we are part of the Route of the Wine and Brandy of Jerez, so we have an eternal romance with the wines of our land.

At Hammam Andalusi we take advantage of this year’s harvest to show you how Palomino grapes go far beyond wine, with an exclusive service in September, during the Harvest Festival.


The wine accompanies us in the big and small joys with family and friends. Now, with this new experience you can also disconnect and rest thanks to the exclusive experience that we bring you directly from the vineyards of the Marco de Jerez (Marc of Sherry). In a land like ours, it is our duty to take advantage of wine benefits to turn it into a moment of wellbeing.

Special Harvest in Hammam Andalusi

In order to offer you a new experience, we thought...what better to do it with the best known Sherry product in the world: wine? Specifically we will use the skin, which is the rest of the pressing of the grape (seeds and skin). For those who know how to look, they are not "just remains"; they contain many benefits for the skin.

Properties of sherry grapes skin:

  • Fatty acids nourish the skin and keep the water in the tissues. That is, the skin is more hydrated, more filled.
  • Natural production of skin antioxidants is multiplied: The skin ages because it loses water and because it oxidizes. By improving the natural production of antioxidants, our skin will delay aging.
  • Neutralize free radicals: Free radicals are the first cause of aging and are generated by sun, pollution, smoke and any type of external aggression. That is, resveratrol present in the skin fights directly against aging.
  • As an exfoliant, it drags the dead skin and also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.



What is included in the 2019 Harvest Special from our Arab Baths?

It starts with an hour of Arab baths and alternates the circuit with the 3 pools at different temperatures (warm, hot, cold). Disconnect from the routine and relax your body (know here the benefits of the contrast circuit here).

Then in the Hammam, with eucalyptus and olive oil soap, we will clean your skin to prepare it for the next step, exfoliation. And this is where the fresh skin of the grape from our harvest of Jerez takes its prominence. Will drag the dead skin that you no longer need in a subtle way, while in the new skin stay all the nutrients impregnated.

Once we have finished exfoliating your body, you can enjoy in the relaxing room a few minutes of pause for a Moroccan tea, made with mint and lots of love.

Don’t go yet! You have the last whim, a relaxing whole body massage for half an hour.

A limited experience of wine therapy in Jerez that you should not miss. Call Hammam Andalusi and reserve your Special Harvest. It’s time!


To sum up: 

  • Price: 80€ per person
  • Untl 30th September included
  • To book in advanced is recommended
  • Available until 30th September
  • It includes: 1h baths + exfoliation with sherry harvest grape 2019 skin + relaxing massage 30 min + tea
  • Not valid for Gift Voucher

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